About Me

  • I am an observer. My soul is happiest when I am able to create so, I guess that explains why photography has become the medium I am so passionate about.
  • I believe in photo sessions that focus on connection rather than perfection.
  • I am the mother of two beautiful daughters and live for their snuggles. GIVE ME ALL THE SNUGGLES!
  • I am always chasing that light to document the moments of life in a beautiful and unique way.
  • My husband is a babe and I love him dearly.
  • I have a full-time job outside of photography and life is a little crazy.
  • I am a connoisseur of candy.
  • I get horribly addicted to video games
  • My favorite thing to do is nap, which rarely happens because of all the things listed above.

Photo by Emilie Iggiotti